About the company

Discover UNITEK: Pioneering Wire & Cable production solutions since 1979

UNITEK leads the industry with fixed-center extrusion crossheads and cutting-edge technology, including automatic color changing and cleaning systems. Since 1979, we’ve been committed to delivering top-quality solutions, that drive productivity worldwide.

Our commitment to manufacturing state-of-the-art quality has continuously enhanced productivity for the cable and extrusion industry worldwide. Experience the UNITEK difference and elevate your production capabilities to new heights.

UNITEK’s philosophy 

At UNITEK, our ethos revolves around close collaboration with cable and machinery manufacturers, coupled with stringent research and development standards and cutting-edge production facilities. This philosophy has been ingrained in our approach since day one. With a team of seasoned engineers, technicians, researchers, and managers boasting deep-rooted expertise in the extrusion and cable industry, we are committed to providing forward-thinking solutions that address the dynamic requirements of today’s cable industry.

The company at a glance

Worldwide leading manufacturer of extrusion crossheads and peripheral equipment

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